Latest IEMA membership upgrades April 2018

01 Apr 13:00 by TRANSFORM editorial


Associate (AIEMA)

Mark Elgie, Environment Agency    
Alan Rose 
Kirsty Dunne, Geoffrey Osborne Ltd    
Alberto Pavano, Groundsure
Scott Pape 
Katherine Ebert, Randox Laboratories    
Matthew Malorey
Fiona Gutteridge, Ridge Environmental Ltd
Stenia Walker, Sodexo Ltd  
Afshan Shah, Wandsworth London Borough Council  
Andrea Moir, Stork Technical Services UK Ltd  
Erik Walmsley, WWF-UK  
KO BTS Group  
Bernadette Prosser
Lee Townend, Suez  
Gillian Thomson, Argent Group plc  
Louise Grundy, LC Consulting and Training Solutions Ltd  
Greg Altria, SLR Consulting Ltd  
Craig Cole, Action for Children  
Alex Branton
Mark Saunders, North Devon District Council  
Leigh Holland, Airbus Group Limited  
Alexandra Hargreaves, Wakefield and District Housing  

Practitioner (PIEMA)

Stacey Downes, Element Sustainability Ltd  
Simon Bell, Epping Forest District Council  
Anita Phillips, Historic Royal Palaces  
Alyn Tomkinson, Walters UK Ltd  
Dorian Banks, Johann Borgers GMBH  
Eleanor King, Jacobs UK Ltd  
Jenny Minford, MWH UK Ltd  
Clare Tait, Kier Construction Central  
Andrew Bradbury, Alstom Grid UK Ltd  
Iain Perkins, Kaby Engineers  
Jennifer Cunningham  
Lauren Jenkins, Faithdean  
Cormac Cleary, University of Westminster  
William Forbes, Groundwork London  
Koku Awuma  
Katherine Robinson  
Sarah Wilkinson, Wave Action  
Jerome Salle 
Bibiche Miakembo  
Mulemangabo Bisimwa

Full membership with Chartered Environmentalist (MIEMA CEnv)

Voirrey Costain, Jacobs UK Ltd  
John Johnson, Arup  
Barry Corrigan, Roughan and O’Donovan  
Hanne Larsson, Arcadis Consulting (UK) Limited  
Leslie Morris-Iveson, Environmental Recovery Consultants  
Michael Jones, Waste & Resources Action Programme 
Richard Collins, General Electric  

Fellow (FIEMA)

Robert Carr, Fellow Member, Employer - WSP Middle East Ltd  

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