Latest member upgrades Oct 2018

14 days ago by Martha Harris

Associate (AIEMA) Daren Bartram, Employer, Achilles Information David Standley Dawn Dawson, Milliken and Company Dee Simon, Mars (UK) Eman Al-Naqbi, Ministry of Education Emma Twell, Bespak Europe Fatima Al-Neaimi, Ministry of Defence Federico De Gobbi, Wessex Water Gary Taylor Gayle Barclay Glen Hull, GH Safety Services Graeme Cram, Great Western Railway Graham Livesey Graham Rolinson Halima A...


Career profile: Shamir Ghumra

14 days ago by Martha Harris

Director, BREEAM Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? It wasn’t a definitive moment. In 2008, I was working in mergers and acquisitions when I fell into poor health. After I recovered, I wanted to do something completely different, and ended up doing an engineering doctorate on the life-cycle assessment of concrete. As my knowledge base grew over the first two years of...


Career profile: Anne-Marie Warris

2 months ago by Martha Harris

Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? No earth-shaking dream, but it’s a topic that feels exciting and in tune with who I am. What was your first job in this field? Developing and running predictive NOx emissions from large power stations’ computer models. I then developed environmental assurance services and audits before the advent of BS 7750/ISO 14001 at Lloyd’s Regi...


Latest member upgrades Sept 2018

2 months ago by Martha Harris

Associate (AIEMA) Abigail Baker, SMC Pneumatics (UK) Adam Reed, Warburtons Afra Binkhadim, Ministry of Education Aisha AlKaabi, Ministry of Education Aisha Alshehhi, Ministry of Education Alan Caddies, Booth Welsh Alexandros Tsirtsikos Alya Al-Shehhi, Ministry of Education Andrew Clarke, Robertson Facilities Management Andrew Kellet, Adk Safety Essentials Annette Koch Antony Smith, Marshall Aer...


Career profile: Andrew Whitehorn

4 months ago by Martha Harris

General manager, ENGIE Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? In 2000, I read The Carbon War by Jeremy Leggett. I had recently left the army and was planning to pursue a medical career, but this book changed my view of the world. I was awakened to what our species was doing to the planet. I signed up with the Open University soon after to do my degree in environmental st...


Latest membership upgrades July/Aug 2018

4 months ago by Martha Harris

Associate (AIEMA) Andrew Campbell Sean Dunphy Stewart Mardle, BT (British Telecom) plc Phillip Smith Richard Sands Neil Penn, ITC Concepts Ltd Practitioner (PIEMA) Elisha Hearn, Arup Kevin McGillycuddy, Golder Associates Ireland Lucy Donnelly-Gallagher, Environment Agency Full Membership with Chartered Environmentalist Declan Conley, Lynemouth Power Limited Fellow (FIEMA) Catherine Tilley, Univ...


Career profile: Muhammad Ali MIEMA

5 months ago by Martha Harris

Environmental manager/portfolio sponsor for environment and air quality, Transport for London Why did you become an environment and sustainability professional? I have two personal interests; politics and the environment, and I am interested in how effective legislation or policy can influence the environmental agenda. Essentially, this brought me to work on environmental matters in local gover...


Challenged by a chimp? Take the factfulness test

5 months ago by Martha Harris

By Hans Rosling, Ola Rosling and Anna Rosling Rönnlund £12.99 by Sceptre “Is the world a better place to live in than it was 30 years ago?” That’s exactly the type of question thrown at you by public educator and statistics guru Hans Rosling in Factfulness. Sadly, Rosling, who was listed in The Times as one of 2012’s most influential people, died last year – but not before penning his first boo...


Latest membership upgrades June 2018

5 months ago by Martha Harris

Associate (AIEMA) Marlene Moreau, RRC International Luisa Brotas, London Borough of Hackney Mike Rytwinski, Harron Homes Guy Dale Daniel Richardson, Davy Markham Ltd Karen Gilbert, Exterion Media (UK) Ltd Krzysztof Polak, Freemans of Newent Ltd Wuraola Aina Rachel Griffin, Ministry of Defence (Navy) Richard Smart, DB Cargo UK Ltd Mark Duggan, Gen2 Property Ltd Mahmoud Hashish, Jacobs ZATE Peter...


Salaries By Industry And Sector

5 months ago by Martha Harris

The median annual salary for a full-time environment and sustainability professional stands at £40,000, up 2.6% on the 2017 figure of £39,000. This is comfortably above that for UK employees nationally, which was £28,758 in April 2017, according to the latest Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE) from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). It compares favourably to the ASHE full-time sa...