Career profile: Andy Jordan

19 days ago by Martha Harris

Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? I was born in Sheffield. In the 19th century, the social reformer and pioneering environmentalist John Ruskin described it as an ‘ugly picture set in a golden frame’. It was still an apt description of the city in the 1970s and 1980s. As I was growing up, the steel industry was in a steep death spiral; I vividly remember striking mi...


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Career profile: Amber Harrison FIEMA

2 months ago by Martha Harris

Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? I have a background in print, communications and brand, but have always tried to live sustainably. Seeing the environmental impacts of the industries I work in (aviation and IT), I wanted to make a difference. What was your first job in this field? Senior manager in corporate social responsibility at SITA. How did you get your first...


Career profile: Ali Hassan

4 months ago by Martha Harris

Professor, Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, Ain Shams University; senior environmental expert, Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA), Oman Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? During my early work in biomedical sciences, it became clear that no single discipline could solve the issues we face. I developed a multidisciplinary approach to pro...


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ASSOCIATE (AIEMA) Benjamin Johnson Tam Bream Tony Hinton Mark Hughes Christopher King, Angus Council Thomas Little, Speedy Asset Services Thomas Stevenson Dawn Horton, Taylor Hart Andrew Watkins, Rosti Automotive Canning Brett Bethany Ingram, Aker Solutions John Kelman Ciaran Boyle Jessica Easterbrook, Wolf Minerals Michael Ward, Kingspan Malcolm McGuire Daniel Fuller, Becton Dickinson Thomas M...


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Career profile: Shamir Ghumra

4 months ago by Martha Harris

Director, BREEAM Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? It wasn’t a definitive moment. In 2008, I was working in mergers and acquisitions when I fell into poor health. After I recovered, I wanted to do something completely different, and ended up doing an engineering doctorate on the life-cycle assessment of concrete. As my knowledge base grew over the first two years of...


Career profile: Anne-Marie Warris

6 months ago by Martha Harris

Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? No earth-shaking dream, but it’s a topic that feels exciting and in tune with who I am. What was your first job in this field? Developing and running predictive NOx emissions from large power stations’ computer models. I then developed environmental assurance services and audits before the advent of BS 7750/ISO 14001 at Lloyd’s Regi...


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Associate (AIEMA) Abigail Baker, SMC Pneumatics (UK) Adam Reed, Warburtons Afra Binkhadim, Ministry of Education Aisha AlKaabi, Ministry of Education Aisha Alshehhi, Ministry of Education Alan Caddies, Booth Welsh Alexandros Tsirtsikos Alya Al-Shehhi, Ministry of Education Andrew Clarke, Robertson Facilities Management Andrew Kellet, Adk Safety Essentials Annette Koch Antony Smith, Marshall Aer...


Career profile: Andrew Whitehorn

8 months ago by Martha Harris

General manager, ENGIE Why did you become an environment/sustainability professional? In 2000, I read The Carbon War by Jeremy Leggett. I had recently left the army and was planning to pursue a medical career, but this book changed my view of the world. I was awakened to what our species was doing to the planet. I signed up with the Open University soon after to do my degree in environmental st...