Details Of The 2017 Survey

Published on: 23 May 2019


A total of 1,053 members responded to the IEMA practitioners’ survey, which was carried out online between 20 December 2017 and 12 January 2018. Of the 1,028 who gave their gender, 43% were women and 57% were men.

The sample broadly reflects the composition of IEMA membership. Around 4% are graduate members, 12% are affiliates and 12% associate members. More than one in five (22%) have full membership status (MIEMA), 43% have the operational membership grade of PIEMA and 3% have achieved fellow or FIEMA status. The table below shows the sector, size and seniority of respondents.

Our analysis of pay rates uses base pay data, excluding overtime, bonuses or other elements of variable pay. Headline statistics mainly use the median, which is considered the best guide to typical earnings by the ONS as it reduces the impact of very high or very low figures.

Profile Of Respondents (%) Sector Business and industry 50 Consultancy 30 Public sector 14 Education/academia/research 4 Third sector 3 Size of employer Sole trader 4 A small start-up 1 Micro (10 employees or fewer) 5 Small (between 10 and 50 employees) 5 Medium (between 50 and 250 employees) 12 Large (between 251 and 1,000 employees) 17 Very large (more than 1,000) 56 Seniority of respondent's role Entry-level 4 Practitioner 39 Management 39 Leadership 19 Base = 1,001 (exludes students and retired members)